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The missing trading API for Steam

Like any other API

Steam offers a variety of APIs and different modes of accessing its platform, but there is no simple way to trade with other user or handle large trade volumes programmatically. Steam Trades is an easy to use third party API based on Steam to handle this problem. We will handle all communication, error handling and potential issues with Steam, so all complicated stuff and you can focus on your core business instead of debugging problems.

Plug & Play

Signing up takes less than it minute, our intuitive API, and its well-documented endpoints will get your site up and running within days instead of weeks or months.

1 account

Forget about managing multiple accounts. Once you have imported or created them on Steam Trades, you will never have to log into them, ever.

Well supported API

We handle all the ugly parts, like dealing with the mobile authenticator, captchas or web scraping. We wrapped them up nice and tight so that you can focus.

Reliable & error resilient

We pride ourselves with the industries lowest trade failure rate, accurate item tracking, and the fastest trades.

How it works

Have you ever integrated a REST API before? Then you will be okay. If not, no worries it does not get any easier than this. No dedicated server or external libraries needed.


POST /api/v1/trade/send_items/?trade_url=<TRADE URL>&items=3741,3779 HTTP/1.0
Authorization: Token <YOUR TOKEN>


# Due to limitations of the Swagger code generator, IDs have to be strings here.
trade = api.trade_send_items_post('<TRADE URL>', ['3741', '3779'])
from pprint import pprint


$trade = $api->tradeSendItemsPost('<TRADE URL>', [3741, 3779]);

Want to start trading on Steam?

No subscription, no hidden fees, advanced item protection & cloud infrastructure.

Our Plans

You do not start paying before you make money.



  • Trade CS:GO items
  • Shared Steam Account
  • 500 items in inventory
  • Start trading in seconds
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0.5% of trade value

  • Trade CS:GO items
  • Pricing based on SCM
  • Unlimited inventory
  • Start trading in seconds
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  • Use our reliable infrastructure
  • White Label Solution
  • Priority support
  • No rate limits
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