Our Motivation

What drives us?

It all started back in January 2016 when Joel and I began working on our Counter-Strike trading site, and we were looking at different solutions to automate our trades and storage. Of course, the first thing we looked at was Steam itself. While Steam offers a few APIs, for example, you can retrieve the user's inventory or get all items that belong to a particular game, but there's no way you can send a trade offer nor can you retrieve or accept incoming offers.
So we moved on to the existing open source solutions like Jessecar96’s SteamBot written in C#. But even with the bots, there was still a lot of work involved to get these up and running and more importantly error-free. Because we looked at the Steam API, as well as other solutions, we knew that before we could open our platform, we would have to build the connection between the bots and site, the error handling and everything in between. That was the point in time where we decided to drop the open source solutions and implemented everything from scratch, having full control and understanding over everything that happens behind the curtains.

So we figured since we would have to go through all this trouble, what do all the other sites do? And apparently, all the sites have the same issues, for example, some sites force you to write the ticket and manually sent the trade again it Steam’s API was offline at the time the user was supposed to receive his items. While this is just one example, there are hundreds if not even thousands of other cases where you can fuck up and most of the time it's not even the site’s fault, but rather the Steam API was offline or responded with some weird error codes. So generally there no way that a small gambling site is covering all possible fuck ups that Steam throws your way.

After speaking to a few developers, we came to the conclusion that this should be a bot or a solution that lets you work with it like any other API, well let's say good API, out there. So we decided to write our bot, a solution to talk to the software, and include all error handling in it. And Steam Trades is the product that came out. So what you're looking at now is the only solution to automate trading on Steam, as well as items storage that scales with your demand.

After a rough start in the industry, we managed to get our first few customers, who helped to make our bot solution the most reliable and error tolerant in the whole industry. After millions of trades, we can finally say: This is the highest level Steam Trading API there is. And it gets better, faster and more resistant each and every day.

A simple solution that:

  • Steam understands

    knows how to interact with Steam, even if there is no official API available

  • Avoids pitfalls

    knows that Steam, sometimes is offline or responding slow or even responding with error codes that we haven't seen before

  • Scales with you

    scales with the demand we have or you have, so there will never be a point that you have to refuse items because the storage is full